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Storbyte Intros New ECO-FRIENDLY Storage Systems for Media/Entertainment at NAB Show 2019


 EchoStreams NAB Show 2019

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar 19, 2019--Storbyte, a leading storage technology developer and manufacturer, will introduce its newest ECO-FRIENDLY storage systems for media, entertainment, and broadcast users at the upcoming NAB Show, April 8-11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Storbyte SBJ-496 is a new design in high-capacity disk systems for long-term management of digital media content with enterprise-class availability and data services. Ideal for large archive libraries, the SBJ-496 requires little to no electricity to maintain data, and its environmentally friendly green design allows unrestricted air flow, generates minimal heat, and saves on cooling expenses.

The company’s new ECOFLASH SBS-448 for digital content creation and streaming is an extremely efficient solid-state storage array that can deliver over 20 gigabytes of data per second – about 16 times the performance of comparably equipped storage hardware. ECOFLASH SBS-448 consumes less than half the electrical power and produces half the heat of competitors, and its patented design extends its lifespan significantly, resulting in a total operating cost per terabyte that is 300-500% lower.

“There are a number of challenges in broadcast and media storage and the bottom line is the technology industry has failed these customers time and again with insufficient capacities, insufficient speed, insufficient longevity, and insufficient economics,” said Storbyte chief evangelist and design architect Diamond Lauffin. “What’s not unique to media/entertainment companies? An overall focus on improving energy efficiency and reducing power costs, which we’ve done through ECO-FRIENDLY design principles.”

The new SBJ-496 and ECOFLASH SBS-448 are presented with Storbyte’s design partner EchoStreams Innovative Solutions in booth #SL12208. EchoStreams is a Los Angeles-based OEM/ODM solutions provider focused on server and storage array technologies that deliver top-tier performance and unmatched reliability.

“Because of the scale of SBJ-496, and the speed and capacity of SBS-448, we believe these are the first new storage systems in ten or more years that are right for specialty media workloads,” said EchoStreams Product Manager Andy Lee. “Thanks to our relationship with Storbyte we’re able to showcase these products to attendees for the first time and look forward to explaining how they offer the right combination of features for their needs.”

NAB Show attracts over 100,000 media, entertainment, and technology professionals working in content creation to distribution to consumption, from advertising, app development, artificial intelligence, audio, augmented reality, broadcast, cable, cloud solutions, cybersecurity, digital video, digital signage, eLearning, esports, film, game development, government and military, houses of worship, in-vehicle entertainment, IOT, IT, live events, mixed reality, mobile, online video, podcasting, post-production, radio, retail, social media, sports, streaming, system integration, television, virtual reality, 5G and more. For more information or to register visit https://www.nabshow.com.

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Editor’s Note: To schedule a personal meeting with Storbyte please contact Dan Miller, dan@jprcom.com

About Storbyte

Storbyte, headquartered in Washington, D.C., manufactures enterprise storage arrays that offer performance, power management, reliability, density, efficiency, flexibility and affordability. The comprehensive line of Hardware Defined Storage™ products has a dramatically different architecture with a patented, abstracted command and control capability layer over a commodity-based multi-mode direct chip-access architecture. The company has not lost sight of what is most important to end users: sensibly engineered products at a cost-correct price point. Visit www.storbyte.com for additional information.



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